Did I just Locked my eyes with a STRANGER???


Lazy Panda

I'm the most laziest person in my family. If I could get paid to just sit at one place and use laptop and do nothing creative, I did be very rich. I'm feeling so lazy that I'm writing a blog on it, what else could I do with a laptop in front of me and... Continue Reading →

Get out!

"You sure about that?" "Ya, undoubtedly!" Right na? Yes, he doesn't have power over me. I shouldn't even ask that question to myself. I ask him to wait for me in the other room. He smiles at me for god knows what reason. Although I don't return one. He watches me getting annoyed at him and... Continue Reading →


I don't know how but I recently have gained interest in TAROT CARDS. But I was always interested in magic. As it goes, my greatest escape is "my magical, fantasy world". Where I can do anything and everything. I overcame some of my fears while living in my own little world. This world has those... Continue Reading →

Pain changes people!!!

CHANGE is something which is consistent in nature. It has the power to make you feel blessed or sometimes as if you have been cursed. People say it depends on us how we handle the situation, or how we react to the situation, but while being in that situation it is sometimes hard to even... Continue Reading →

Unspoken Words : Sis

Ya we were surprised, that evening when you showed up. We didn't expect you as you didn't even give a hint to me, but you know... I seriously wanted you to be there. Ya I MISS YOU. Did you see how happy mum and papa were? They literally just wanted to see you, talk to... Continue Reading →

Do Not Open!

"Will you ever stop cleaning?" said Rohini. "But it's so dirty!! As if it not has been cleaned since months" I replied. "Ya, and you cleaned it last month itself"

Ohh these BUTTS!!

  I love to do this, it makes me happy but then that offends my family. I like going out but, I don't have friends who will go out with me. I have guy friends who will have a walk with me or even a long drive but they are guys! I have female friends... Continue Reading →

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